Photo Grid App - Privacy Policy

Last Updated October 5, 2015


Welcome to Photo Grid where you can create digital Photo Grids to share with your friends and our community. The Photo Grid Privacy Policy shows you how we treat all personal information when you use the Services. The latest version of the Photo Grid Privacy Policy is dated under the Privacy Policy heading. This version is the most up to date Policy and will apply accordingly. All other versions prior to this date will be superseded. Therefore you should visit this Policy periodically to review any changes


1. Register as a Member of Photo Grid: In order to create Photo Grids, update your Photo Grids, you have to register as a Member of Photo Grid and be given a unique Photo Grid account.  When you register with Photo Grid we will gather the following personal information from you - your first and last name and your Facebook User ID - a unique ID to identify you within Facebook and our app. Once you have completed your registration, you are not anonymous to Photo Grid.


2. Uploaded Content: When creating your Photo Grid you can choose three privacy settings. The first format entitled “Everyone (post on the web)” means your Photo Grid will be able to be browsed by any user of the app. Further it will be accessible at and our other websites and Note we may also choose your Photo Grid to be featured prominently within the app to showcase to our community.


For the second option entitled “Only my Friends” your Photo Grid will only be visible to your Facebook friends.  The third option is “Only I can see it” this means your Photo Grid cannot be seen by anyone other than yourself. You can also use this option to save the Photo Grid as a draft copy.


3. Usage Information: When you use the Site, Photo Grid, may record information about your usage of this site, and also gathered your IP address and Browser type. Photo Grid uses “cookies” to store some of the information during your log in period. These cookies terminate once the user log out and close the Browser.  The Usage information will be in the nature of click through pages and the pages viewed will be displayed on each Photo Grid.


4. Uses: For the Personal Information you submitted to Photo Grid, we do not use your communication and personal details to send commercial or marketing material without your consent.


5. Third-Party Advertising Companies: There are other third-party ad serving companies that may display ads on Photo Grid. Photo Grid does not provide any personal identifiable information to these third-party ad servers or ad networks without your consent.  Photo Grid and other third-party ad serving companies use Advertising Technology that target areas using information derived from Activity generated by Site Browsing only. Photo Grid’s Privacy Policy does not apply to such advertisers and the third-party adverting companies as Photo Grid has no control of the activities of these third parties.


6. Update and Termination: as registered member, you can edit your Photo Grids, add additional photos and change the privacy settings of each Photo Grid at any time. Should you decide not to remain as a registered member, you can terminate your membership and account anytime by removing the application.